Every child deserves to be happy. We work within systems to make it happen. 

This is the belief and mission of Totem PD. Totem PD was created by three white guys with Ph.D.s from universities founded by white guys. The textbooks and papers we read (for the most part), were written by white guys, a small minority of white women, and an even smaller minority of culturally diverse men and women. 

Our company was founded in Utah, a state infamously comprised of mostly white people. Each of us grew up in either suburban or rural white communities. While each of us has traveled extensively and lived abroad, we have done so as white guys. 

Our white-guy lives have been pretty normal. We’ve never had to face any sort of institutional bias or racism. We’ve been fortunate (if that’s what you wanna call it) that the systems of our education and our profession weren’t built to oppress us. Nope, our systems were built to (at some degree) help us on our merry way. We’re glad for our work and the opportunities it affords us and our families, but it feels kinda hollow given the current state of things. 

The area of our company’s focus and passionate endeavors is singularly minded on the well-being of children—ALL children. We just wanna take this time to re-commit to this endeavor. We stand by the protests and the unrest caused by the heartbreaking amount of violence our black brothers and sisters have faced. 

We believe every child deserves to be happy.

No child will be happy when their father, uncle, brother are murdered by institutions that are supposed to protect them.

No child will be happy when their mother, aunt, sister are murdered by institutions that are supposed to protect them.

We are committed to our belief and our mission to work within systems to make EVERY child happy. They deserve it. How is happiness achieved in 2020 and beyond? What are we committed to in 2020 and beyond?

  1. Acknowledging the reality of ongoing racial and social inequalities maintained by our society. 
  2. Bring awareness and attention to these inequalities through public protest and civic involvement. 
  3. Identify the institutions with discriminatory policies and practices within organizations and institutions. Petition these institutions to change such policies and practices and denounce them if they refuse to change. 
  4. Create and contribute to educational and mental health resources that educate on the harms of bigotry and biases. 
  5. Look in the mirror at ourselves, our beliefs, and our mission to challenge any race-based beliefs and feelings we may have that are not sensitive to the plight of injustice. 

We’re committed to these steps today and forever. May we never rest until peace and justice for all is achieved. We’re committed to do so with a smile, with our minds, and with our actions. 


Your Pals at Totem PD.